Cuyahoga Falls Party Menu

Party Package

$8.25 per person (20 Person Min.)(Min. 48 Hour Notice Req.)

Serving utensils, plate, and wrapped plastic ware


Rigatoni with Marinara sauce or Meat sauce(add $.25per person)


(2 pcs. Mixed)

Fried or Baked

Garlic Bread


Italian and Ranch

Fried Chicken/Jojos

Mixed Chicken(Breast,Thigh,Leg,Wing)

$1.75 Per Piece(Minimum 25pieces)

(Min. 48 Hour Notice Req.)


Chicken Tenders

Medium Pan $40.00

Full Pan $75.00

12oz. Dipping Sauce


Hot, BBQ, Ranch, Ketchup



12Piece   $5.00

24Piece   $10.00

50Piece   $20.00

100Piece   40.00

Focaccia Sliders

Italian (ham, genoa salami, provolone cheese)

 Ham & Cheese (ham, provolone cheese)

(Min. 24 Hour Notice Req.)

Full (Serves approx. 48)


Add Lettuce, tomato, and 12oz Italian Dressing on side(7.50)

Half (Serves approx.24)


Add Lettuce, tomato, and 8oz Italian Dressing on side(5.00)

Small (Serves Approx. 12)


Add Lettuce, tomato, and 8oz Italian Dressing on side(5.00)

Party Pans


Medium Marinara(10) $25     Medium Meat Sauce(10) $28

Large Marinara (20) $35    Large Meat Sauce(20) $40


24 Hour Notice Recommended

Medium (10) $35

Large (20) $65

Tossed Salad

Medium (10) $20

Large (20) $25


Medium (10) $35

Large (20) $50


Add Cheese on Pasta or Salad: Medium ($6), Large ($10)

Add 20 Meatballs: $17

Add Garlic Bread(Half 9" Bun): 1$ per piece




Prices as of 5/6/24

Prices and Items subject to change without notice.

As of 11/1/2022 Card, and Apple Pay users will be Charged an addition 3% surcharge.

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